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What ever the weather

All too often I get asked the question, but what will we do if the weather is bad? Like somehow a day of outdoor activities is going to be ruined by a little bit of Scottish drizzle….

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Suilven 3 ways

There are many ways to ascend the mighty and iconic mountain of Suilven set in the heart of the North West Highlands. But among my favourites this year have been on a 4 day expedition combining canoeing with hill walking and by helicopter for a filming project.

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Cullin Ridge Traverse

A big tick for any mountaineer the Cullin Ridge traverse is certainly a jewel in the crown of Scottish hillwalking. A very risky booking for late in the season left me wondering if this could be a difficult experience. However October brought us some of the best weather of the year.

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When Ice is nice

The odd day of ice climbing has presented itself through January and February. With the mountains being black one day and white it next it has been difficult to find good conditions.

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Summer Isles

Summer Isles by canoe

In between the 100mph winds there has been one or two really wonderfully calm spells, yet again the Summer Isles lives up to it’s name and produced beautiful and still conditions.

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Climbing with Canadians

Two Canadians on a road trip around Europe contacted me about rock climbing in the north west highlands. On their whistle stop tour around the UK they took the time to venture up into the wild wild west.

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Saint Kilda

The end of the world, Saint Kilda.

40 miles west of Harris Saint Kilda sits on it’s own, taking the full force of the Atlantic Ocean. Hirta is the largest island and contains the World heritage site of Village bay. Not only does the Saint Kilda archipelago contain the largest sea cliffs in the UK it also contains the largest two sea stacks in the UK and these were to be our destination.

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Curved Ridge

Agags groove

The perfect line of Agags Groove cuts through Rannoch wall in a diagonal from right to left. Seen from the A82 this amazing four star Vdiff is a fantastic day out for any climber.

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